Prom essentials: What do i take to prom?

Our customers always ask us, "What do i need to take to prom with me?" 

Well; there's actually a few essentials which we recommend you take with you. 

- The DRESS!!! (Of course)


- The shoes: heels or trainers which ever suits YOU! 

And in your bag


- Your lipstick/ lipgloss for those top ups through out the night

- Some pennies to buy your choice of drinks for the night

- Every teens necessity - YOUR PHONE! Make sure it's full of charge for all of your photos to capture those memories 


- One thing we have been told that is handy is fold up flip flops/ shoes (For when your feet start hurting form your heels) 


One main essential though is remember to have fun! Because before you know it the night will be over! Unless you and your friends arrange an after prom party then you can keep on partying. 


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