Prom is nearly as old as sliced bread

Prom as we now it, began in the US in the 1950's, and here in England they become the norm around 15 years ago and are growing in popularity ever since. Prom is nearly as old as sliced bread, with sliced bread hitting the shelves in 1928.                                                                                                                     

Everyone depicts how a prom should be; and we all have that guilty pleasure of American romantic comedies set in a high school, boy gives girl a corsage, limos and have the big prom ending, dancing the night away, drinking fruit punch and finally the prom King and Queen is announced. Well here in the UK yes, some boys give corsages, some people have limos or a type of exciting entrance to their prom, some might even have a prom king and queen. The UK proms though can be very different; for example UK proms typically have a sit down meal and dancing at prom and no fruit punch; but one thing that is the same with all proms is THE DRESS!


Every girl wants to have the perfect DRESS! Now for some that can take some time for others they know what they want, and with each coming year the styles differ and more colours are added (we have one company have a choice of 110 colours). Not only do the styles differ we have styles come and go, one year ballgowns are out and two pieces are in and the next year ballgowns could be back and a new style could be added for example glitter material dresses. 


The choices an go on and on; some girls like to keep their dress a secret until the big day and others have a big group chat and take a picture of the dress they have chosen to make sure no one at their school gets the same one. Here at Ballgown Divas we keep a school diary and tags on the dresses to keep track of what dress has gone where as we only sell one style of dress to schools to ensure that no one has the same. 

Each passing year we get asked what's the most popular colour been so far, that we don't really know as it changes so quickly as the season goes on. Here at Ballgown Divas we like to offer girls the chance to try on dresses and have fun at the same time with a no pressure environment. Seeing girls find the dress of their dreams is what makes our job one of the best in retail. 

Our moto is "If you need amazing, you need Ballgown Divas" 



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