Uh oh here we go again. Mum has ordered ANOTHER new collection has landed here at Ballgown Divas and this collection is BIGGER than ever. For this collection think BIG skirts, sparkles, gems and very delicate details.                         These dresses can be worn with a hoop underneath if desired ( depending how big you want to go). The hoops vary in size too so you can go as big as you want to and this is totally up to you and how you want your dress to look on your special day and we can can test this out in-store to see how you feel with and without. 


Let me show them to you; the one on the mannequin has a hoop added to create a bigger skirt. 




Another thing; think colours - blue ? pink ? mauve ? champagne ?


The pictures don't do these amazing dresses justice and are more gorgeous in real life. 
You can't even see how sparkly these dresses are either, my camera just doesn't pick it up. 

Everyone deserves to feel like a princess for the day!! Come and try your favourite today ....

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