SALE DRESS - Gino Cerruti 1307W

Elegant chiffon evening prom dress with delicately embroidered mesh top. Lovely chiffon a-line skirt with plenty of swing. Zip back.


Available Instore-

Navy UK 14

WAS £275 NOW £207


Info & Care

Info & Care

Professional Cleaning

To get the best care for your gown we recommend you use a specialist gown cleaning and preservation service. Always check that the company does the cleaning themselves as a lot of companies use wholesale dry cleaning services and your gown could be cleaned with 20 - 30 others and anything that is on them could end up on yours.

Try to find a cleaner that cleans gowns one at a time and cares about its equipment and the quality of its staff. The company should comply with BS1 TC1/82 standards and meet the compliance requirements.


Always store your dress in a breathable gown cover. Check regularly and keep away from any conditions that could be detrimental to your gown, such as excessive light, heat, smells, damp etc.